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Learn Hebrew with Milingua: Web-based, richly detailed online Hebrew learning lessons,
accompanied by examples and audio, available on all platforms and mobile devices.
  • 58 core Hebrew lessons
  • 50 advanced Hebrew lessons
  • Highly-advanced Hebrew lessons by private correspondence.
  • Hundreds of Hebrew phrases with audio, vocabulary, search, with "add new" functionality.
  • More than 1,300 lesson pages, thousands of new words.
  • Hebrew verb conjugation models covering nearly 2,000 verbs.
  • Instant access via quick links to a subject you wish to revise.
  • Dictionary of Hebrew words and a list of topics with links to relevant lesson pages.
  • Evaluate your progress online after each lesson.
  • Ask Your Hebrew Teacher: Submit questions to Milingua and we'll answer them immediately or shortly.

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